Our story

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century. Preventing further global warming requires structural changes in both society and our lifestyle. Any action that contributes to this, is of great value. For example, more and more people are generating their own energy, saving energy or making sustainable choices. At the same time, many citizens cannot participate yet in this transition, due to a lack of money or act perspective. In the region of Groningen we build smart and data driven solutions for enabling an inclusive energy transition.

How it works

We make the energy transition accessible, affordable and beneficial to everyone. We use smart meter data to promote sustainable action. Those actions are worth tokens. With tokens you can use the neighborhood electric vehicle or you get a discount on your energy bill. You can also invest tokens in your neighborhood, for initiatives that make the neighborhood more sustainable. For example, a neighborhood battery that provides energy to local residents with low income.


Yang Soo Kloosterhof


Amir Samani


jarno jellesma
Jarno Jellesma

Tech Lead

Shahab Sherveh

Data Lead