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Building a future-proof energy system

Our mission

We tackle climate change by innovation. We build AI technology for using energy more efficient and bringing the waste of energy to a minimum. With our technology we engage people and are aspired to have impact on a global scale.

At Powerchainger we are passionate about energy and technology. We are eager to build the best solutions for a just and future-proof energy system.


Our essence lies in its cutting-edge algorithms for load disaggregation. This way we provide both energy utilities and consumers an optimal way of managing supply and demand, and play a significant role in optimising demand forecasting.

By utilising in the near future, local storage can be used optimally and play a significant role in grid balancing. To create a just transition, decentralised energy can be shared with energy poor households.

Our team

Yang Soo Kloosterhof


Marios Souroulla


Levi Leuwol

Software Engineer

Kevin de Graaf

Software Engineer

Filippos Andreadis

Computing Scientist

Vaibhav Singh, PhD

Scientific Advisor / RUG

Ole Mussmann, PhD

Scientific Advisor / NLeSC

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